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About Self-Post News Service

Newsworthy stories relating to theatre, music, or dance are welcome and may be submitted in the form of a News Release for publication on MDTheatreGuide.Com.

MDTG receives many press releases per day and can’t possibly publish them all ourselves.  As a service to the theatre community, we offer a self-post system where you can publish your press releases for a *nominal administrative cost of $20.00.

What is more, your published news item will be listed on our active Facebook Fan Page as well as our Twitter account!

Whether it be for a show or season announcement, or some other activity or event that you believe should be brought to the attention of MDTheatreGuide.Com’s readers, please feel free to use this service.

Your contribution should be written as a news story, and you can add self-hosted photos and videos, and if applicable a link to your Web site or a page that relates to the item your release is about. Your release will be subject to an editorial review, for which there is a nominal charge, and if approved will be published on MDTheatreGuide.Com. The advantage of news releases is that you get your item of interest published, you create a one-way link from MDTheatreGuide.Com to your site which could enhance your pagerank (if you choose to provide a link). Additionally you will be provided with a link to the news story which you can promote on your site if you wish.

You should be aware that your release could be edited to improve its newsworthiness, and if it comprises offensive content it may not be approved. The article must be family friendly or it will be rejected.

*”In Memoriam” Column:

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By submitting the Self-Post News form you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I/we agree to the terms and conditions as set out below: News release submissions are accepted for editorial review. Submitters acknowledge news releases they propose are subject to modification to conform with MDTheatreGuide.Com’s editorial policies. Once sites are submitted the administrative fee charged will be non-refundable due to costs involved in administering this service and providing editorial reviews. Content considered unacceptable, including but not limited to content related to pornography, spam, illegal activity, or using obscene language will be rejected. Direct advertising, and over-use of adjectives will be removed or reduced in releases. You cannot link your post to competing news publications. All news submitted must be relevant to readers of our site. Submitters certify they have originated the content of their releases, or have rights to publish same from the individuals, organizations, or clients they represent. They verify they have the authority to publish the content as proposed, or as subsequently modified by MDTheatreGuide.Com, including the use of any trademarks, links or photos, and indemnify the publisher/agents and servants of MDTheatreGuide.Com against any legal action brought against them for use of any unauthorized content. By submitting a news release you authorize MDTheatreGuide.Com to publish that release in whole or in part on MDTheatreGuide.Com and any related site, electronic forum, and RSS feed. Submitters authorize news organisations, newspapers, and portals, to publish, re-transmit or distribute news releases submitted to MDTheatreGuide.Com, but acknowledge there is no guarantee releases they submit will appear on any site other than MDTheatreGuide.Com and even then subject to editorial review. If you do not provide an image, Theatre Guide might add one of their choice.

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