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    Mary Guay Kramer

    I will forever miss my “Lemily”. You will forever be in my heart.

  2. 2

    Ryan Geiger

    I always knew that when I showed up to the first rehearsal of a show and saw Emily there that it was going to be fun. As performers, we all strive for appreciation of our talent, our passion, and our performance. What we sometimes forget is how important the people around us are in shaping the experience. I’ve performed with Emily in Anything Goes, The Producers, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and Curtains. All of those are permanently etched in my memory as some of the most fun shows I’ve ever had the pleasure in which to partake. Emily was a part of that. I will never be able to think of those shows again without seeing her smile. We lost a talented performer this weekend, but all of us lost a friend.

  3. 3

    Jim Gerhardt

    I think everyone who knows Emily has had their fair share of grief over the past couple of days, so I’ll share a story that always never fails to make me laugh when I think of her. Maybe it’s only funny to me, or it’s a “had to be there” sort of thing, but it makes me smile nonetheless.

    When Em and I were roommates, there was a black cat who lived in the house (aptly named Kitty). This little guy was affectionate and curious, as cats often are. His curiosity extended to the realm of human bathroom habits and behavior – maybe because he just wanted to be in the club. He never said, so we can only assume.

    Any time this little dude saw a human start in for the bathroom, he would shoot toward the door like a homing missile in effort to squeeze in before the door closed to satisfy his dubious curiosity. He wanted to share in our experience so much that he would sometimes try to sit on your lap while you were indisposed. Some of us were nice enough to let Kitty continue his studies, but probably not to that degree.

    This did not sit well with Em. I think she had a deep-seated conservatism in cats-studying-human-bathroom-matters. The room I slept in was right against the bathroom, and at night I would occasionally here a firm scolding from Em to Kitty that went something like “KITTY! That is INAPPROPRIATE! NO! You CANNOT sit on MY LAP! INAPPROPRIATE! Just stay there and DON’T LOOK! BAD CAT!”

    Emily Biondi: Singer. Dancer. Actor. Athlete. All-around bad-a*s chick, and Cat Republican.

    We will miss you, dude. So much.

    I hope this little story made you laugh with me in memory, because I think that’s what she would want. She’d want us to laugh, and love.

  4. 4


    When I think of Emily I think of her smile and laughter. Her and I met several years ago through the theatre community and we hit it off well. Though we have never been in a show together, we have shared occasional meals and messages back and forth. One thing that she always did was support her friends in a show. I was so happy to see her when she came to see Shrek and support not just me but the entire cast. Her smile was contagious, she was hilarious, and we laughed a lot when we were together. I am thankful for the time I got to know her and for the positive energy she always radiated. What a beautiful treasure to have known her and to have memories of her. I will carry them always.

  5. 5

    Mary Guay Kramer

    I first met Emily (who I called “Lemily” because she loved lemons) when she and I were Angels in Anything Goes with Heritage Players in Catonsville. We immediately clicked. I struck up our friendship by asking her to hang out after rehearsals/performances when the cast/crew would go out to Jennings (or wherever), and she did. I got to know her very well during Anything Goes and we formed such a strong friendship. She told me years later that she instantly connected with me during Anything Goes because she was going through a rough patch during that time, and my asking her to come out with me and hang out pulled her out of her mood and made her happy. She told me that that act by me made a difference and made her very happy. She would often refer to me as her “stage mom” and she felt like a daughter to me at times. She supported me and I supported her.

    When I auditioned for Godspell (a show I have wanted to be in for 37 years), she said she shouted for joy in the store she was in when I texted her and told her I got the part and told me she had no idea what she would have done had I not been cast LOL.

    I love her, will always love her, and I will cherish the friendship we had, forever.

  6. 6

    Katie Sheldon

    I had the pleasure of watching one of the best auditions ever when Emily auditioned for “Forum” at Heritage Players. I had just seen her light up the stage in “1940’s Radio Hour” when previously I had only seen her in dancing ensemble roles and I hoped that she would audition. She sang ok, I could hear the nerves in her voice but of course her dancing was amazing. Had I not just seen her in “Radio Hour”, I probably wouldn’t have called her back for “Philia”, but I had…so I did.

    At callbacks again she sang ok, not the best but her voice had this incredible character to it and I liked it, it was different. Then she read…and wow! It was one of those perfect auditions where every chance you take pays off and the music director and I were belly laughing. This must have just fed her because she only got better with each read! By the end of the night, we looked at each other and our choice was clear.

    She will always be my “Philia” and I loved getting to watch her perform through every rehearsal and show.

  7. 7

    Debbie Mobley

    I’ve shared the stage with Emily in The Producers, directed her in Spamalot and Curtains, and cheered her on in Radio Hour, Forum, Zombie Prom, the 10th anniversary kidney donation party, and other such stuff shared by theatrical artists turned friends. I had hoped to have many more years of working with her, laughing with her, cheering her triumphs, and consoling the inevitable didn’t- get- the- part rejection we all go through . I knew Emily as a bright light who was just … spectacular. One of my favorite memories was watching her onstage in the ensemble of Spamalot while the Lady of the Lake was singing her overlong song. Emily and Angie Townsend pulled out their cell phones to chat to one another during the song! A perfect, brilliant addition that made the scene even funnier and brought just the right amount of life and spunk to her character. I’m laughing just thinking about it. That’s a true artist!

  8. 8

    Norm Biondi

    Thank you for writing this review. I’m sure Emily is pleased to go out on such a favorable write-up!

    Emily was a gift to us all and will continues to play new roles. She has become a donor and also the focus of Emily’s Gift, a scholarship fund to be designated for both the transplant community and the theatre community. Emily’s dear friend Mary Guay Kramer will be helping out on this as far as information as it becomes available.

    You all deserve a standing ovation for the love and support you gave and continue to bless upon Emily. Our family is overwhelmed and truly honored.

    Norm Biondi

  9. 9

    Mike Hinterman

    So sorry for your loss, Norm. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  10. 10

    David Harness

    Ten years ago, Emily sang at our hospital’s annual Pediatric Memorial Service. A college senior and recent kidney transplant recipient, she was an inspiration: a death-defying vision of hope and triumph before an audience of families who had experienced the death of a child. And when she sang “You Raise Me Up” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” her powerful voice and beautiful smile transcended the sadness, offering words of healing and reassurance.

    Thank you, Emily, for offering your gifts to our bereaved families and staff – and for your example of resilience and courage. May your family and friends likewise be comforted by your resounding voice and witness.

    Rev. David Harness
    Staff Chaplain
    University of Maryland Medical Center

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