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    Gina Sangster

    I consulted with Tricia several years ago for nutrition guidance and kept following her many endeavors since that time…what a sincere, kind, talented soul, gone in such a tragic way so soon…

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    Neil Twohig

    A tragedy

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    This is such a horror. I first encountered Tricia as ANNA KARENINA at the Washington Stage Guild, a valiant, inquisitive, brave, clear performance (supported by a terrific troupe), taking a complex script and laying it out so beautifully, and forever after admired her work and the authentic way she forged her life. My heart is so sad, especially for those in our community who shared a deeper love with her.

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    What a beautiful and lovely soul…….I have no words about how tremendously tragic this is, except that my anger is bubbling up from the senseless way her life was taken……but she will be remembered with love and light following her through the universe.
    And that will bring all of us a bit of peace…..

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    Jay Herzog

    Although I do not believe we have met, we are part of the same theatre family and my heart hurts. Love to all who grieve. It is very sad. This should not have happened.

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    Devastating news. This story breaks my heart. A shocking tragedy that will haunt me. My deepest condolences to her friends and family.

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    Octavio Solis

    My condolences to the McCauley family and to her loving theatre community. Actors are among the planet’s most gentle people, and when one of our talents is taken from us so wantonly and prematurely, it hurts and saddens us all. This tragedy resonates all the way to Oregon. Peace to her.

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    L Keeling

    I’m so sad to see this story. She was a nice young lady who did not deserve this. I’ve taken classes with her in DC. Tricia please rest in heaven….so sad

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    Greg Hardigan

    Good god. What would make someone do this? Especially to a person such as Tricia. You could not meet a kinder soul.

    I worked with her in college in a production of The Balcony. I was the General. She was my “horse.” The scenario involved a timid, insecure man trying to be great and impressive and brave, when really those qualities are embodied by this woman in the scene with him. And that was the situation in real life. I was quite intimidated to be working with someone of her abilities and stature in our university. She was a strong, direct, honest, insightful performer, and one of the cool kids. But she made me feel comfortable and safe and carried me through a difficult process. She could not have been more gracious, helpful and insightful, and what’s more…she helped me to laugh away my fear. We laughed a lot in that process.

    She had a bright smile and an infectious laugh and charmed all who had the pleasure to meet her. It wasn’t a phony, ingratiating charm, though. She was very direct and real with everyone. If she did not agree with you, she would let you know; but in a way that did not belittle you.

    She made a big impression on me in the short time that I knew her, as I’m sure she did on whomever she has known, for whatever length of time.

    I am so, so sorry for her family and friends and colleagues. The world has lost a bright light. And in such a senseless, terrible way.

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    Tricia led the community garden in Ledroit Park before I took it over briefly. She was a powerful, strong presence who was a great steward of the earth and the souls who caretake it. Her loss is immense and highlights for me–perhaps more than so many losses this year–the cruelty, injustice and violence in our world. But I will remember Tricia for her smile, her hard work, and her dedication to making her community and the world a more healing, peaceful and loving place. RIP Tricia.

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    I used to take Tricia’s yoga class regularly at Yoga District and she had such a kind and wonderful presence. I LOVED her classes. She made an undeniably positive impact on this stranger’s life and my deepest condolences go to those who knew and loved her. I’ll do my part to use the things she taught me to honor her memory and warmth.

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    Nicole Kazakos

    Sad loss of what seems to be an amazing person!

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    Pat Bee

    I did not know her but after reading about her, I thought, its the people like Tricia, that have made Washington DC such a great place to live these days. This is absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking. I’m so sorry for the loss of such a positive influence on our world and the pain that her friends and family must be feeling. *hugs*

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    My deep condolences to the McCauley family and the theatre community of DC. No one’s life should be taken by another. It is a tragedy for us all. Peace, my friends. Peace.

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    Steve Wannall

    I had the honor of working with Tricia on a great many shows at Imagination Stage, and various other venues. You could not find a more beautiful soul than hers. She brought love and light and positive energy to every project she worked on. Every cast dynamic was made better by the simple virtue of her presence. There is now a void in D.C. theater that can never be filled. However…I sincerely urge the acting community to try. Be her legacy. Carry her light. I will always remember the times spent with her and experience joy. To all of my actor friends, I say this: whenever you join a new cast, or become involved with a show in any way…ask yourself what you can bring to the endeavor, and then tell yourself “Be Tricia.”

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    I am so saddened by this news. I performed with Tricia with the Washington Stage Guild, in Ill Met By Moonlight back in 2000! She always made me smile and was such an accomplished actress and wonderful mentor and friend.

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    James McCabe

    I directed and produced the short film, The Paper Girl, and I can say without a doubt that working with Tricia on that film was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. She was genuinely talented, disciplined, a pure professional. She was a brave artist and a kind person. I was impressed by her from the first and every moment we worked together. She had great presence, and I don’t mind saying it was her talent and her chemistry with Michael Skinner that carried that film. She had the kind of talent that asks you to stand back and simply trust. I have always cherished the memory of that experience and always will. She will be deeply missed by me. My thoughts and sympathy to her brother and family and to the actors and artists that she has touched over the years. Thank you, Tricia – my tears and gratitude.

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