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Mark Beachy is the founder and publisher emeritus of the MD Theatre Guide. Before starting the MD Theatre Guide, Beachy was a theatre professional. On stage, film, and TV, he enjoyed a career in acting, singing, dancing, violin, figure skating, and even magic. Behind the scenes, Beachy has been a producer, director, choreographer, and an award-winning playwright/composer of seven musicals, including most notably, "'Bout Baltimore," winner of the 1997 Pumpkin Theatre and ABC News Channel 2 Baltimore Bicentennial Playwriting Contest.  His true passion lies with the performing arts, no matter what role he may play on and off the stage. Through the MD Theatre Guide, he brings awareness to the areas up-and-coming performing arts productions.


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    Chip Meister

    Having worked with Bambi, I know that she is a talented lady, and an amazing person, and I can’t imagine circumstances under which she would be abruptly terminated. I consider her a friend and a pillar of the community theater scene. All the best to her. MST is a fantastic venue, and has seen some great work. I just hope, for the sake of community theater artists, that they get their act together, so to speak.

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    Bambi Johnson is a special one of a kind person and I’m thankful to say she’s touched my lifes well as many others. I began coming to watch shows because of Bambi. I know the community has lost a great motivator, supporter, and leader. I can only hope karma has the last play. Love you Bambi. #isupportbambi, #thanksbambi

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    Diane C

    Bambi Johnson taught, choreographed, inspired, and directed our daughters over 2 decades ago. Her life is dedicated to the quality of her art, and the enjoyment/appreciation of the audience experiencing her art from visionary effects, backgrounds, sound quality, dance and movement, acting and creative flow of the story from engaging them in the beginning to wrapping up the story at the end with overwhelming applause.
    More important than anything, is her cast, her actors, her dancers. As a parent of young children under Bambi’s tutelage, I can tell you she treats them with respect, dignity, and trust. Her teaching methods are age appropriate, and she is extremely supportive of her cast members.
    As to the 6 enumerated points that caused her termination, Mrs. Johnson’s 30 plus years in the arts and her self respect would not permit her to be in that position.
    I do not have an ongoing friendship, just a fb where I like her grandchildrens pictures. I just believe in justice, and it’s blatantly obvious that someone “had it in” for Mrs. Johnson. Our daughters danced with her daighters, and they are all cut from the same cloth like their mothers – they live their lives with honesty, intregrity, give 100% to their jobs and lives.
    Talent like Bambi Johnson will be scooped up in a New York minute, but our Community Theater scene will forever suffer.

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    Won’t attend shows at Milburn until Bambi is reinstated.

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    Shelley J

    Mark Briner will have no problem making this a successful production. You’ve got this, Mr Briner!!!

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