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We have an audience, you have a business or a show! Let’s get them together on MD Theatre Guide!

MD Theatre Guide celebrated its 10th Anniversary in June 2021 and welcomes 2024!
While other sites paused publishing reviews or sadly, had to close down due to these challenging times, MD Theatre Guide never stopped reviewing, adapting along with theaters, and continued to be a resource for the performing arts. MDTG expanded coverage with radio plays, phone plays, podcasts, filmed productions from around the world, and plays and musicals adapted to film.  

MD Theatre Guide’s website averages 5,000 to 14,000+ views per day and 222,000+ views a month. We have 10,000+ likes on FACEBOOK and 2,400+ followers on X (formerly TWITTER)and growing!

When thinking about paid advertising, consider MDTG and the wide range of services we already offer, FREE of cost. 

• Theater, Concert, Dance, Opera, Podcast, and Radio Play Reviews (also shared on FB and Twitter)
• “What’s Playing” – Posting your show or event in our Event Calendar Listing
• “Quick 5” interviews
• Free postings of your show or event in “What’s Playing”
Season Announcements and other PR articles posted in “News” and on Twitter
• “Theatre Guide”– Theater/Venue/Performing Arts organization listing by 
   region: Greater Baltimore, DC Metro Area (including Northern Virginia),
   Southern Maryland, Western Maryland, and the Eastern Shore

PAID ADVERTISING ON MD THEATRE GUIDE’S SITE (for pricing, contact marketing[at]
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• Rotating side bar ads, 300 x 250 – $ per week 

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How MD Theatre Guide can build more visibility and bigger audiences for your theater, opera, ballet, orchestra, business, classes, or camps.

You have an organization that needs to build audience. Your survival and growth depend on getting new subscribers, additional attendees, and more students.

It’s also important for your group to increase visibility. Getting your name, mission, and reputation out there can interest new financial supporters. Increased visibility builds your brand and makes it a lot easier to attract interest from businesses when you are fundraising.

Advertising in local papers is expensive and their audiences have shrunk substantially. You can place Google ads and spend lots of money on Facebook, but audience is too broad and unfocused. 

The answer is using the affordable advertising on Maryland Theatre Guide. Here we have the ear of large groups of Marylanders and Washingtonians, the kinds of people who schedule their week around attending your next performance.

This is the kind of targeted marketing and advertising that gets results. You spend less money while getting far better results. When advertising on the MD Theatre Guide site, your attendance goes up, sales increase, fundraising becomes easier, and there is a general buzz around town about your organization and performances.

How do we do it? LOTS of Marylanders and Washingtonians come to to learn the latest about performances, in-depth interviews with major names in the arts, and much more.

Few things gauge a site’s reach and audience involvement like major social media stats. We have over 10,000 likes on Facebook and 2,400+ followers on X (formerly Twitter). Any time we make an announcement, this core group of MD/DC/Northern Virginia opinion makers gets the news and instantly passes it on to their thousands of followers and friends. The result is a virtual tidal wave of publicity for any organization we highlight.

Our site gets more than 105,000 page views per month as key audience members peruse our pages gleaning all the information we offer.

You are invited to place affordable banner ads on our site. These get you and your performances, business, or classes right in front of the people who count.  Just one more way that Maryland Theatre Guide is YOUR connection to a larger, more appreciative audience.

We have an audience, you have a business or a show! Let’s get them together on MD Theatre Guide!

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