Self-Post News Tutorial

Tech Support: info [at]

7 Easy Steps to Posting

1. “Post Title.” This is where you post the title of the article. Example: News: ‘The Goddess Diaries’ Celebrating 3rd Year at Capital Fringe

2. “Post Category.” Select under “News” either “Baltimore Area News” or “DC Metro Area News.”  If obituary, select “In Memoriam” under “Columns.”

3. Insert Image. *See below on how to insert images. You may also insert videos. You cannot not upload images to our server. You can, however, insert self-hosted photos from your URL. If you do not provide an image, Theatre Guide might add one of their choice.  Also, you can email info [at] a photo (limit one) if you would like us to add it for you.

4. Fill in your content. It is like using Word.

5. Answer anti-spam question.

6. Click on “Continue to Checkout.”

7. Pay for your post. (Sign in as a guest if you do not have a PayPal account.) Your post will be published after it has been moderated.

*How to Insert Image

Where it says “Source” enter in a link to where the self-hosting image is stored.  From your website, right click on the image and click on “copy image URL.”  If your image is not already on the internet, use a free image hosting website and insert the URL.  The image dimensions should be no larger than 550 wide.

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