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Easy Way To Get Your News In Front of a Big Appreciative Audience

Performing arts organizations always have a lot of news. After all, that’s the business you’re in. You create events that are intensely interesting to a large audience.

The problem comes when you need to get your news in front of the people that count. You can send your press release you spent all day writing to newspapers and magazines. But they get such a flood of releases that they are unlikely to publish or even read your important news.

You could call the TV station and talk with the hurried producer who finally answers the phone. But unless your tenor is about to leap from the top of the building, they are unlikely to show up with a camera.

You could post your press release on one of those free sites, but nobody will ever see it. It gets discouraging doesn’t it?

That’s why MD Theatre Guide created their Self Post News feature. The online magazine is a leading stop for Marylanders and Washingtonians who enjoy the performing arts and performing arts related education. They regularly publish in depth interviews with arts luminaries along with news about the areas many performing arts organizations.

But like every other news outlet, they get way more press releases than their staff can process. In a moment of wisdom, MD Theatre Guide created Self Post News.

Any performing arts related group can post their newsworthy announcement to be seen by the site’s extensive and very enthusiastic audience. It’s like taking your news directly to the people – the audience that counts.

What is newsworthy?

Most often it is the Who, What, Why, Where, When about your next performance, class, or project. Put the best parts first. Hook the reader with your most exciting details.

Self Post News is a great place to post your press release. The best releases are like a one page article that announces your development, interviews a popular artist, or details your upcoming performances or workshops and classes.

You can even add self-hosted photos and videos, as well as a link to your website, Facebook fan page, and ticketing page.

And it costs just $20!

All MD Theatre Guide asks is you pay a minimal $20 to post your news. With their more than 150,000 page views per month, that’s probably the best publicity deal you are going to find.

It’s a great deal for MD/DC/NOVA performing arts organizations who thrive on reaching their best audience.

Note: You should be aware that your release could be edited to improve its newsworthiness, and if it comprises offensive content it may not be approved. The article must be family friendly or it will be rejected.

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