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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves the performing arts? Do you have an actor, dancer, or musician in the family? Well look no further. The Maryland Theatre Guide features an online gift shop that theatre, music, and dance aficionados will love! From apparel to jewelry to games and puzzles, books, and more, take a peek inside the Maryland Theatre Guide’s Gift Shop!

Maryland Theatre Guide is your ticket to the performing arts!  Besides being a resource for theatre news and reviews, the MD Theatre Guide connects you with gifts that performing arts enthusiasts, such as theatre, music, and dance, will love and appreciate.

There is something for everyone in the gift shop.  Gifts for actors, dancers, musicians, theatregoers, and more are all featured in MD Theatre Guide’s gift shop.

We spend time researching, seeking out the best performing arts-related gifts that we can find.  In some cases, we have asked companies to design and manufacture items especially for us!

It is MD Theatre Guide’s hope that by providing you with a performing arts-themed gift shop, you can easily and affordably find gifts to give to yourself or to your loved-ones.  Check out the gift shop today and see what new items we will be adding tomorrow!

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