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Robert Goldberg

Robert Goldberg is an award-winning writer and stage director, a master acting teacher, and theater arts curriculum developer with years of experience on the East and West Coasts. Goldberg is the former Artistic Director of Integrated Creative Arts Network, Inc. in New York City, and MultiCultural Productions in Los Angeles. Produced plays include: Whispers Of An Asian Bride; Genesis: A Path Through Life; Just For Fun My Dears or Who Killed Bessie Miller?; Solemnia – A Quest For Peace; Prejudice Is The Way To Think If You’re Not Like Me You Really Stink!; Roughin’ It - The Musical; Yesterday’s Promises; and The 1940’s On Parade. Goldberg also co-wrote the film Four Day Shoot with former Los Angeles producer Larry Howard, and his screenplays – The Bugster and We May Be Young But We’re Not Dumb! were selected as entries at the Los Angeles Angel Citi Film Festival & Market. As an actor Goldberg is featured in the soon to be released short film Escaping Wonderland by director Matlock Bobechko, and he has been featured on TV on Rescue 911, and as a voice teacher/coach on That’s My Line.

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